Teacher Receives THSCA Extra Yard Award

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On October 15th, Jacqueline Constantin received the THSCA Extra Yard Teacher award at the 50 yard line on the field preceding a game against Cypress Woods for her dedication within the Cypress Falls faculty.

Constantin teaches dual credit courses for both biology and environmental science all while simultaneously dedicating her time as a cheerleading coach since 2014. She was selected due to her ambition to go above and beyond.

“She does a great job in a classroom, has always been willing to take on new subjects to teach,” Principal Becky Denton affirmed. “She does cheerleading; she always helps us out in additional ways, anything we need. She’s just one of those people that just kind of jump[s] in and help[s] out.”

Yet as diligent as Constantin is in the classroom, juggling two dual credit courses in the science department is no easy feat.

“Dual credit biology is very difficult and requires more attention when planning,” Constantin said.  “Both dual credit biology and dual credit environmental science require hands-on labs which typically involve different equipment, chemicals. Thankfully this year I have an amazing student assistant that helps pull all of that equipment for me and put it up.  That saves a lot of time.”

Constantin knows all too well the meaning of valuable time, for being a cheerleading coach for eight years and counting is a commitment she’s consumed by.

“Cheer competitions are usually over multiple days and happen on weekends,” Constantin said. “All of the time is worth it, though, knowing how much these athletes enjoy being a part of something that they feel they belong. I absolutely love what I do.”

Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) and the College Football Playoff Foundation were eager to partner up in their Extra Yard For Teachers Recognition Program to further recognize teachers for their exemplary efforts.

“I think that teachers work really hard, and they don’t do it for the recognition, but anytime we can recognize someone, I just think it’s a great opportunity,” Denton said.

Head Football Coach and Campus Athletic Coordinator Christopher Brister was more than happy to reward Constantin for her agility and dedication to Falls.

“[Brister] is someone that I respect tremendously and aspire to be more like, especially in coaching,” Constantin said. “Falls is filled with the best of the best teachers, so the fact he chose me out of the hundreds here, I can’t express how special that feels.”

Preceding the pregame in which Constantin would be rewarded, her fellow faculty was ecstatic to see her reaction to the honor.

“Oh, I can’t wait to see her reaction.” Denton said. “I can’t wait to see her reaction ‘cause she’s gonna be so surprised.”

Constantin was met with love and open arms when receiving the award. She couldn’t help but feel the sentimental weight behind the recognition.

“The minute Mrs. Denton and Coach Brister hugged me, I was a mess,” Constantin said. “These are two of the most influential people at Falls and two people that I look up to in so many ways; yet, here they are complimenting me.  Little five foot tall me.  It’s an honor I never expected.  I get teary eyed just thinking about it.”