Quetzi Contreras, Staff Member

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Heart posters line the Cypress Falls hallways. Appreciation notes, filled with sweets and munificent words, fill the teacher’s mailboxes. Love in the Falls can be seen and felt in every corner of the school. 


During the month of February, the campus makes it a priority to share love and thoughtfulness  with many hands-on projects hosted and originated  by various teachers, sponsors and organizations. Projects that make students and staff members feel more welcome and respected in an environment where students and teachers alike feel unappreciated. 


 “Every month we focus–as a campus– on a particular soft skill that will make us better people,” Principal Rebeca Denton said. 


Principal Denton has been doing this event for the majority of her career at Cy Falls. Her main goal with the occasion is to find some quality time in our busy lives to be generous with one another. She wants all her students to feel a sense of acceptance and admiration. 


“We get so busy in life and we often focus on ourselves that we place an intentional focus on just doing nice things,” Principal Denton said. “Who doesn’t need a kind word or a nice gesture?” 


During the month of February, S.O.A.R schedule is used to help provide time to discuss kindness and love to students through their second period class. Principal Denton wants the campus to focus on the little things that make people happy, like knowing the names of the people in the same class or just a nice compliment. 


“My hope is that when we’re kind, whatever we put out will hopefully be received,” Ceramics teacher Ms. Kristine Barry said. 


Barry’s ceramics classes made a wall with encouraging messages for students to take pictures in front of. Her classes made this wall to provide an opportunity for students to feel the same in a month where not everyone feels seen or appreciated. Her classes wanted to make students feel as though they can feel recognized with little encouraging messages.


“One person’s kindness can grow across many people and have a positive impact on our school,” U.S. History teacher and Student Council sponsor Mrs. Cody Harding said. 


Harding and Student Council made two things for #Loveinthefalls: Kindness Clips and a cookbook.  Kindness Clips are clips with kind messages for students to clip onto other student’s backpacks or desks to show a little love. Their hope is to find a student, clip it on them, and spread compassion through the hallways.  The cookbook contains many recipes from students in the student council of different backgrounds to give to staff. The book’s main purpose was to spread love through food and culture and a way for staff to learn about different cultures with recipes. 


Along with these teachers other organizations on campus contributed to #Loveinthefalls, such as DECA, Cheer, Sky Dancers, Science Olympiad, and many more, all in an attempt to make students feel warmth during one of the coldest months of the year.


 “We often think we are going to bless someone with our kindness, yet we end up being the ones who are blessed,” Principal Denton said.