The Use of the Kindness Jar


Joshua Mendoza, Staff Member

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Statistics teacher Kelly Bowerman’s second period class collected money to surprise Cy Falls custodians with donuts, but two students went above and beyond to help.


In an attempt to teach students the importance of language, Mrs. Bowerman decided to use this opportunity as not just a lesson, but a way to leave a positive impact. 


“We started making people do a silly dance if they swore,” Bowerman said. “They could opt out of dancing if they donated a dollar to the kindness fund.”


The kindness fund was created in order to buy donuts for the custodians. Bowerman came up with this idea because Principal Rebecca  Denton challenged classrooms to do an act of kindness.  


“It’s not just an act of kindness, it helps us to not say bad words and rude things,” senior Kathyln Varela said. “It benefits us, but it also helps them. It is just a nice thing to do.”


Both Varela and Joshua Guerrero (12) contributed 5 dollars to the kindness fund, not because they have a swearing problem, but because they want to buy their custodians donuts.


“They do a lot around the school and it’s just are way of giving back,” Guerrero said.


Guerrero was the first student to donate money to the kindness fund. Since then, Guerrero saw many of his peers donate too.


“She started it as a kindness fund where you just donate and then at the end of the week she buys them breakfast,” Guerrero said.


Although Mrs. Bowerman has tweaked her plan a little, students now roll dice and do the activity that it says, like 10 push ups, students who opt out are still donating money and providing the custodians with a breakfast every few weeks.