Come in Confidence

Modeling Try-outs


Dajalay Clark, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the month of April approaches, so does the  the spring fashion show. Although the upper level fashion courses are the ones responsible for creating the clothing that will be showcased, the fashion club holds modeling audition tryouts, where the only qualification requirements are to pass all classes by the second semester, and to arrive in confidence. Their goal is to gain Asante as 20 models, so that every designer may have about five to six models each.


“I like the process of modeling auditions, it was simple and easy for anyone to do to show off confidence,” Club President Brooke Ubieta (12) said.

Club president explaining club activity


Before qualifying, candidates fill out an application to ensure they have opening schedules for the fashion show, then form a line from behind a curtain. As the auditions start, each participant walks down the hall to be evaluated by the designers. .


“I love to show people what I can do and enjoy making a statement piece in the clothes,” Akasha Austin (12), a participant this year and pre-covid, said.


When the designers have chosen their models, they will continue to get fitted as well as run through rehearsal. The models will come and get measured a few times after school so the designers have an idea on how much fabric will be needed and then a few more measurements may be taken depending on the alterations. 


“We really practice professionalism, because once we’re a part of the industry, that’s gonna be so important to communicate with someone, when dealing with such a sensitive topic like their body size and the fit of their clothes or their body shape, so it just makes the models more comfortable and it helps my students be more professional,” Fashion teacher Ms. Tyranny Dugue said.


The models will also participate in a dress rehearsal the day before the fashion show  to get a feel of the auditorium and gain comfortability with walking on the stage.


“It is important that we know the models are comfortable and confident to walk the runway in front of others,” Ubieta said.


The soonest club meeting will be held December 7th to discuss fashion designs’  upcoming winter social and follow up on the spring fashion show