After A Night At Homecoming


Jamie Ammel, Staff Member

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Students of Cy Falls High School return to school on Monday after a long Homecoming weekend. Students spent their Saturday night at the CFISD Berry Center for their Roaring Twenties themed Homecoming dance. Many students can agree that they had a good time at the dance.


“It was just fun to be free,” Jaiden Chandler (09) said. ”Overall experience, it was great just hanging out with my friends and dancing.”

Freshmen got to attend their very first Homecoming and see what a real high school homecoming dance was like. And returning students got to finally have some normalcy after the pandemic hit and cancelled all major school events the previous school year.




“We haven’t had Homecoming since sophomore year, so finally being able to get back to normal was a good thing to have,” Chris Silva (12) said.


A lot of work was put into making the decorations look nice and convey the extravagant theme. Cy Falls had around 75 people help organize the event.


We also have Berry Center Staff setting up a DJ, 2 nurses on standby and 2-4 police officers,”  Assistant Principal Patricia Charron said. “ We had about 1225 attend the dance.”


All of the hard work they put into decorating and organizing the dance paid off because a lot of the students were pleased with how it turned out.




“I liked the decorations,” Gabriel Gutierrez (11) said. “I liked the theme, I just didn’t see many people doing the theme, but I saw some people doing the theme, so it looked pretty cool when they did.” 


For students who purchased their ticket at the door, the line quickly accumulated and students ended up waiting in line anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour.


“It was good, I would say they need to have faster ticket lines,” Nea Connor (11) said.

At the end of the night, the majority of the student body that attended had a good time and would likely go again. 


“I would definitely go again, I wouldn’t want to miss it,” Chandler said.