2nd Annual Haunted House


Dajalay Clark, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Theater will be hosting their second year haunted house for the public on Oct. 29 and 30. Like public haunted houses, the creativity for dark rooms, jump scares, and engagement will be integrated into the shows. Unlike other haunted houses, it is entirely run by the students and available for any student wanting to participate.


“We have a layout of how many people we would like to be in the haunted house (30 students), and if anyone else wants to join, we’re always taking people,” Theater President Lauren Beathley (12) said.  “We really would like more actors because it could make the event even more fun-for everyone.”


J Guifarro

Lauren Beathley (12), an active member for all four years of high school and a year in middle school, is a guide for this year’s haunted house.


 “We get actors to come to the haunted house, you see different characters, and we walk you through it,” Beathley said. “There’s jump scares, there’s darkness, we go after your phobias, and it’s really just more about having fun with it.”


J. Guifarro

Beathley later reveals the intent behind the haunted house. When hosting their first haunted house, they noticed the event raised an abundance of money for the tailgate, an event that happens during Homecoming week where students get to play games, eat food and partake in the haunted house if they choose.


“It was amazing. It was my sophomore year when we did the first haunted house and I had never done anything like it. It was a great experience, we had great actors who did amazing things the whole time. We had amazing scares in the haunted house. We even got to scare our principal, which was probably the most fun part of it.”


The money raised will  be used for the theater students’ yearly Thespian trip, where they have the opportunity to expand on theater history, witness plays, and partake in theater courses. Beathley feels this has truly made an impact for the theater students.


“It gives them a different sight into theater. Most people think theater is just on stage and doing something, but also go with the aspects of engaging in people because this is a different part of theater, you’re actually having to work with the crowd instead of just showing a crowd.”