Celebrating The Beginning Of Fall Sports


Jonathan Cabrera and Joshua Mendoza

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The first pep rally of the year took place on September 10 in the Performance Gym to celebrate all fall sports.

Photo by J. Umana

Unlike most years where two pep rallies took place, only one took place and students who were not interested in attending remained in the cafeteria. 


“We are a thousand less people [than before.]” Associate Principal Kyle Parsons said. “We went to two pep rallies when we were up to four thousand [people]. When [we had]

 two really small pep rallies, there was no energy.”


Parsons also stated that it has been nearly 15 years since doing only one pep rally.


“Doing something we haven’t done in 15 years has been the hardest thing about logistics this year,” Parsons said. “There are probably close to 60 adults that help out with pep rally.”

Photo by A. Barker

In addition to celebrating fall sports, other organizations such as Hola, Cheer, Color Guard, and Sky Dancers performed their own routine as a sneak peek. 

“It’s just fun,” Director of Instruction Renee Barbe said. “It’s school spirit and everyone is excited. It really shows our school how We Are One.”

To make the event even more exciting, Color Guard performed a piece for the first time ever and the Sky Dancers did their first glow in the dark performance.


“We want to show something different, that we can do different things,” Logan Driver (junior), Captain of Sky Dancers, said.

Photo by A. Barker

To make their debut at the pep rally, the Color Guard members only had one practice to get their routine together.


“We wanted to be a part of the Pep Rally,” Color Guard Representative Brooke Ubieta (senior) said. “The flag part was from the show we are already working on for marching band and then the dance was something we learned last year that we just like to do.”


The next pep rally will take place in the spring to celebrate all spring sports and those details will be announced closer to the event.