Have Some Summer Fun!


Kristy Mendoza Bonilla, Staff

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s easy to stay at home and do nothing this summer, but like every other human being on Earth, you need some sunlight and exercise in order to stay healthy. Here’s a suggestion on how you should do that: play like you used to back in elementary school. You may refute this suggestion saying, “I’ve grown-up,” but growing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while being active anymore, it just means school has gotten harder and you’ve gotten taller. So here are some fun summer activities that will help you revert back to your younger, healthier self.


  1. Flag tag


Now, you might think that the title above is a mistype and should be replaced with words “flag football,” but be assured that it’s not a mistype at all. The majority of people most likely don’t know the rules to flag football, but almost everybody knows the rules to tag. So I present to you: flag tag. It’s a game that you probably played in your previous Physical Education classes, and the rules are simple: with some friends, go to a large, open space outside and give a long handkerchief to everyone except one person. This person is “it” and they actively try to steal everyone’s handkerchief, which should be half-tucked in their back pockets. If a person’s handkerchief is stolen, they also become “it” and try to steal other people’s handkerchief. The last person with their handkerchief safe and secure in their back pocket is the winner. 


  1. 4 Square


Almost every kid in elementary school was obsessed with this game, so it’s kind of guaranteed that you’ll feel a gigantic wave of nostalgia when playing it. But before you play this game, you have to set it up first: with four of your closest friends, go to some isolated place that has a concrete floor, like your driveway or an abandoned parking space. Now, with a piece of chalk, draw out four squares on the floor beneath you. After you’re done setting up, get your bouncy ball out and have your three friends stand on top of their respective squares. On the corner of your square, throw the ball towards the inside of someone else’s square. Once they catch the ball, they’ll throw it towards the inside of someone else’s square and that someone else will do the same. Since you only have four squares, someone will stand in the sidelines and wait for someone occupying the four squares to mess up and go to the sidelines themselves. You and your friends can decide what actions get you kicked out. For example, hitting the ball on the line instead of a square or accidentally hitting someone with a ball. With this game being competitive and all, there will be some discourse amongst yourselves, but that only makes the game funner.


  1. Do Anything with a Friend!


You’ve probably noticed that every suggestion includes you playing with your friends, and that’s because friends make everything seem more enjoyable and fun. They also make you more childish and energetic. But, with Covid-19 still being around, it’s best to be safe when hanging out with your friends. Some things you should do to be safe is to make sure that you don’t invite more than four friends to play outside, make sure that your friends either have a mask on or have gotten the vaccine, and make sure that you and your friends are playing in a large, open space outside and constantly within arms length from each other. 


That being said, play as much as you want this summer, as long as you’re being safe, of course.