A Staycation In Five Steps


Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With COVID restrictions still in place, traveling has become extremely difficult. However, one does not need to leave Houston to have a vacation; instead, have a staycation, and do not leave the city. Here are some steps to follow for the perfect staycation:


Step One: Book A Hotel

If you have the money, booking a hotel and spending the weekend there is a great way to feel like you’re far from home without leaving the city. Whether you want to go downtown, across the city, or just stay in a hotel down the road from your home, Houston has a wide variety of hotels that can cater to any need you may have. 


Step Two: Live the Tourist Life

For many, the thought of exploring their city has never crossed their mind. Many of us have only experienced a fraction of what Houston has to offer. So, instead of coming up with places to visit off the top of your head, go to a tourist website and act as though you are a tourist. Some popular sites that many native Houstonians have not visited are:

  • Houston Arboretum and Nature Center
    • This rural sanctuary is located in the middle of Houston and is perfect for those who enjoy nature.
  • Hobby Center 
    • Known for hosting Broadway plays, the Hobby Center website is a great place to look for tickets for those who enjoy the theatrics. 
  • DiverseWorks
    • This art gallery displays upcoming arts and their work and is a great destination for those who love modern art


Step Three: Plan Your Relaxation

If you plan to do a lot of exploring, don’t be afraid to plan to relax. There are many different spas and libraries in Houston that would be perfect for winding down after a long day of tourism. 


Step Four: Food

Probably the most important step is food. You’ll need to decide pretty early on what you plan to eat. Will you need reservations or how far is the restaurant from where you plan to be at, are important questions you should ask yourself. Houston has a great variety of restaurants to choose from and it’s important to be informed on what you want. Here are some places you might want to check out:

  • The Kitchen
    • Located in the Woodlands, this locally owned eatery is known for its delicious brunch menu
  • Finn Hall
    • Indecisive? Not sure where to eat? Finn Hall is a great place for you to check out. This food hall holds nine different European restaurants, which are all sure to please.
  • Galleria Houston Food Truck Spot
    • Another place to visit if you’re not too sure what you want is the Galleria Houston Food Truck Spot. This food truck spot is massive, and with the food being delicious and prices being cheap, it is the perfect place to visit. 


Step Five: Have Fun

I know it sounds cheesy, but make sure you’ll enjoy each part of your staycation. This is your trip, so spend some time planning it and save up some money. You won’t regret it.