DAY 1: Spring Cleaning


Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

Reading Time: 3 minutes

With the last grading period just around the corner, having a place to focus and learn has never been more important. One of the vital steps you can take to keep yourself focused is maintaining a clean and organized space. However, sometimes it’s hard finding the motivation to clean. Check out a few of our recommendations that will help you get motivated and excited to clean.

1.Watch a cleaning/organizing TV show. 

Watching a TV show is a great way to become motivated. There is something so satisfying about watching another person organize and rearrange their stuff. So turn on your TV and play your favorite cleaning TV show or something that we’ve recommended down below, and get to cleaning.

  • Hoarders- Hoarders is a great show to watch if you need to deep clean. The show follows a team of renovators as they travel the country helping hoarders, people who have a compulsive disorder which causes them to keep most, if not all of their belongings, including trash. 
  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo- This show was a sensation last year when it first appeared on Netflix. Definitely for those who are focused more on downsizing and reorganizing, Kondo’s show balances entertainment and practicality, with her amazing tips and tricks to staying organized.
    • Where to watch: Netflix 

2. Listen to a fun podcast to keep yourself entertained

Don’t really feel like listening to music? That’s ok; there are some great podcasts available that will surely keep you entertained. From murder mystery to cooking, there are millions of podcasts to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Every Little Thing: Have you ever wondered who invented pants? Why we let a descendant of wolves sleep in our beds? This wide-ranging podcast has the answers. Available on Spotify 
  • Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories: Dive into the world of unsolved murders and crimes with this podcast. Available on Apple Music
  • Hey Babe!: Chris Distefano and Sal Vulcano are a comedic duo that are sure to make you laugh as they retell their stories and experiences. Available on Spotify 

3. Do the 20-10 method

A good way to keep yourself focused for a long time is to use the 20-10 method.  Although this method is technically for studying, it also can apply to cleaning. The method is this:  Set a timer for 20 minutes. Stay completely focused on your task during that time. When the timer rings, set it again, but this time for 10 minutes. That is your break time. Go on your phone, walk around, or make food; just don’t clean. When the 10-minute timer runs out, set it again for 20 minutes and repeat the same process.  This method is great for those who want to do a lot of work. By adding small, consistent breaks, you can work for a longer period of time without feeling burnt out. 

4. Reward yourself

Getting the motivation to clean is one thing; however, keeping that motivation while cleaning is another. One way to stay motivated is to have a reward to work towards. It can be as simple as going out to eat or buying yourself ice cream, as long as you have something to work towards. Also, the reword does not have to be for something big. Maybe you picked up all your shoes and now you have a popsicle, or maybe you cleaned and organized your desk so now you get some Whataburger; the size and the work and the reward is up to you, and remember, even a little bit of cleaning still does good.


For those who are usually busy, Spring Break is a great time to clean. So get out of bed, play music or a podcast, and start cleaning.