Cypress Falls High School Initiates Donations to HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress

Staff and students gather materials to donate to COVID patients in isolation.


Freja Cini, Student Life and Opinion Section Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Cypress Falls High School led an effort to supply patients in isolation at HCA Houston Healthcare North Cypress with materials to cheer them up. On February 1, 400 patients received individual clear bags filled with coloring books, playing cards, magazines, crayons, map pencils and notes from students and staff involved.


Students and staff members from the departments of athletics, math, life skills, English and CATE, as well as organizations like PALS, National Honor Society and Student Council played a big role as contributors to this cause in helping patients and nurses.


“We wanted to provide COVID patients with some activities to keep their minds engaged and hopefully cheer them up,” Student Council Sponsor Cody Harding said. “HCA made [Principal] Denton aware of the depression that sometimes strikes patients that are in isolation and suggested some of the items that we could donate to help cheer them up. We also made some homemade Valentine’s [cards] for the staff to help motivate them through February as well.”

Students and staff donated coloring books, playing cards, magazines, crayons, and map pencils to patients in isolation. (Photo courtesy of Cypress Falls High School, via Twitter)
Cy Falls students created Valentine’s Day cards to uplift healthcare workers and COVID patients at HCA. (Photo courtesy of Cypress Falls High School, via Twitter)

To some students like junior Emily Morgan, this project was more than a simple donation. In the beginning of the year, her father had to be in the shoes of the current COVID patients, as he was isolated in the hospital due to surgery.


“My goal was to be able to donate supplies that could help brighten a patient’s day by giving them an activity to do,” Morgan said. “In the beginning of January, my dad had surgery and had to stay in the hospital, and we couldn’t visit him because of COVID protocols and because he was high risk. My dad already enjoys doing crosswords every morning, so we bought him a book and gave it to his nurses. I thought someone else in isolation from familiar people would enjoy it too.” 


In these times, it’s important to give back to the community and create connections to ensure the greater good for everyone. This project gave students the opportunity to work together to make a big impact on others.

“I hope students learn that it is always good to help someone else,” Harding said. “It doesn’t have to be a big grand gesture, but even something as small as a coloring book, or deck of cards can brighten someone’s day and make them feel special. It’s important that we think beyond ourselves, especially in times like these, to make sure that everyone is doing well. Lifting others can often provide a lift for us too.”


As a community partner, part of the effort to donate to HCA was to create connections with the community and get involved. These donations paved the way to build a stronger bond between the education system and the community.


“We hope for our community to share in our battle cry ‘We Are One’, not just on our campus, but in our whole community,” Director of Instruction Barbara Barbe said. “It is such a blessing to see how our school community embraces supporting the needs of those around us. I have seen it time and time again in my time here at Falls.  From the tax day flood, to Harvey, to a global pandemic, we really are one.”