A Goal In Her Mind

A look into the busy life of Sharon Han.


Kristy Mendoza Bonilla, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the first semester comes to an end and a number of high schoolers are beginning to think more seriously about their future, senior Sharon Han continues to pay a small mind to her life after high school, since she is confident in her ability to overcome any obstacle she might face in her path as a doctor. This confidence allows her to become more focused on her present position as an officer in two accomplishing clubs.

Sharon Han (12) speaking to Mu Alpha Theta members.
Han talks to the new Mu Alpha Theta members about future math competitions and the requirements for the club.

While working on assignments for Mu Alpha Theta and Science Olympiad, Han is constantly reminded of her past self. Before she entered high school, Han always avoided opportunities that included occupying a leadership position, saying there was no real merit in becoming one. In ninth grade, she learned the value in becoming an officer: “being able to enjoy your club the way you want.”


“For math club (Mu Alpha Theta), back when I was just a member, there were different competitions and activities that I thought would be fun for our club to participate in,” Han said. “However, since none of the officers were interested in what I suggested to them, that never happened.  But now that I have a leadership position in this club, I can have our club try out many different activities.”


With the positives of becoming an officer for Mu Alpha Theta and Science Olympiad, came the negatives. Stress became the biggest factor in Han’s life, as she toils with a busy schedule and keeping her grades up while being educated online. Han’s parents have been helpful in relieving her growing stress.


“I know it sounds odd, but I found that I become much more relaxed after I have a good conversation with [my parents],” Han said. “Because of this, I always try to make time to talk to my parents every day, even when my schedule is really busy.”


The experiences Han gains from her clubs, such as dealing with a busy schedule and stress, organizing club activities, and using advanced knowledge for timed events, will be used to help Han achieve her goal in becoming a doctor.  However, becoming a doctor is still far into the future, and currently, Han will have to face college.


“To be honest, I don’t know much on what to expect from college,” Han said. “Still, at the same time, I am not too afraid. I know I am about to turn around a new corner in life, of which I cannot really see what’s behind, but even before in life, when I needed to move on to a whole new chapter, I was still able to handle everything that came with it.”