A Day with the Rangerettes

Cy Ranch alumni Rangerettes Bailey Stark and Hannah Moss visit the Cy Falls Sky Dancers.


Freja Cini, Student Life and Opinion Section Editor

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Founded in 1939, the Kilgore College Rangerettes pride themselves as the world’s first best-known collegiate drill team. In an effort to recruit new members, Cy Ranch alumni Rangerettes Bailey Stark and Hannah Moss came to meet the Cypress Falls Sky Dancers this past Friday, January 8. 

Left End Lieutenant Bailey Stark talks to the Sky Dancers about their drill team. (Freja Cini)


“The Rangerettes use their winter break each year to recruit dancers from high schools all over Texas,” Sky Dancer Assistant Director Caitlin Beresford said. “Luckily they offered to teach a dance combination this year, but it is not usually a part of the recruitment process.


Beresford was herself a former Rangerette and has implemented many principles from her experience into the Sky Dancers’ routine.


“The Rangerettes are known for their precision and discipline, as well as the classic red, white and blue uniform,” Beresford said. “When you explain some of the traditions to people it can sound a little crazy, but it definitely teaches you how to work hard, earn your spot when working towards anything, live in the moment without fear of the future, and appreciate what you have.”


Stark, who serves as left end lieutenant for the Rangerettes, taught the Sky Dancers a classic Rangerette dance routine, which combined the elements and the precision expected in the collegiate drill team.


“I loved every second of teaching Cy Falls drill team,” Stark said. “ In dance, it is important for you to take some time to find excitement in your passion, and I tried my best to help the drill team do just that. They were extremely hard working and receptive to what I had to share. I would love to work with these girls again as I had a blast.”


Although the routine presented to the Cy Falls Sky Dancers was different from the dances they usually learn, the team responded with a lot of enthusiasm and willingness to learn. This routine was more advanced and brought the drill team out of their comfort zones, preparing them for future contests.  

Social Media Manager Hannah Moss helps the Sky Dancers as they learn a new dance routine. (Freja Cini)


“The routine we learned was not a normal dance that we would learn in Sky Dancers,” senior Sky Dancer Captain Isabel Galeas Figueroa said. “It was more of a disco jazz and super upbeat. We learned it at a faster pace than we usually learn our dances.” 


The morning the Sky Dancers spent with the Kilgore Rangerettes taught them a lot about the college drill team experience and the bond dancers develop in order to give their best. 


“Working with these Rangerettes, and dancers of the very first drill team, was such an honor,” senior Social Officer Michaele Brooks said. “To be a college dancer takes true discipline and hard work, so being taught by these ladies was empowering and motivating. While our team had the opportunity to dance with these two ladies, they also spoke to us about their team and everything they are involved in as a Rangerette. It was lovely to hear about their bond and motivation as a collegiate drill team and compare it to how our drill team strives to do the same.”