In The Spotlight

A story about Jeymi Cardona


Hunter King, News and Sports Section Editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Being in the spotlight is uncomfortable depending on who you ask, but for Jeymi Cardona, the spotlight is always shining on her. And while she may be outnumbered, she continues blazing her trail.


Cardona has an innate passion for robotics and engineering fueled by family and friends. Recently, Cardona joined the robotics team, and upon her arrival, discovered she was the only girl in the class.


“I’m a little shy,” Cardona admitted. “I feel like I’m in the spotlight at times but I really enjoy the class.”


Cardona’s family is made up of five brothers and one sister, not including herself. When she needs guidance, Cardona goes to her mom for advice and motivation.


“I have a big family that loves parties and music,” Cardona said. “Sometimes we go to fun places and sometimes we just have fun at home. My biggest motivator is my mom. She does everything for me and I want to do my best for her. She always believes in me and is the reason why I believe in myself.”


Cardona and her mom have been ordering items online of late that they have to build together.


“I think it’s a really fun way to hang out with her,” Cardona said. “When we’re not fixing things up, I like to listen to music and maybe start drawing, reading or play a game or two.” 


Cardona found her love for robotics when she took her principles of engineering class last year. Her experience in that class opened her eyes to the world of robotics and engineering. 


“ We did a lot of awesome things in [that class] like building a tiny bridge, a tiny room, and a cool pen,” Cardona said. “I knew we’d be doing stuff like that in robotics and so I took the class. I love fixing and building and I hope to become a great engineer someday.”


In robotics class, they build contraptions and then test them to see if they work properly. For the ones that don’t, they make adjustments until they do, all while noting each step they take. 


“Usually [the robots] need bigger claws and we have to figure out how to build one and if it would work,” Cardona said. “My classmates and I work towards the same goals but we do different things that contribute towards it.”


And while being outnumbered can feel like a lot of pressure, one message is still clear in Cardona’s mind, which she tells herself from time to time.


“In the end, do what you want, that’s what matters,” Cardona said. “I took this class because it’d be fun and the fact that I’m a girl doesn’t change anything. Just do what you want.”


And while the road ahead for Cardona may be undiscovered, she wants to stay true to her plan to be a successful engineer.


“I’m gonna try my hardest to accomplish my career and personal goals,” She said. “That in and of itself will take all I have.”