Teacher of the Week: Kimberly Lowi Teng


Summer Folwell, Staff member

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Kimberly Lowi Teng currently teaches English II and is new to teaching high school. Originally from the Caribbean, she went to college at The University of West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago. Lowi Teng was an elementary school teacher in Trinidad and Tobago where she taught for six months before she was relocated due to her husband’s job. Lowi Teng became a teacher so she could inspire young minds. She believes that teachers shape the minds of the younger generation and wants to make a positive impact on her students. This year,  Lowi Teng is struggling to make sure that both her online and in-person students are given the same amount of attention and engagement. She is trying her hardest to ensure that both types of students are given equal opportunities. Outside of school, Lowi Teng loves to travel. She  wants her students to know that every day is a fresh start, and as a teenager, you may sometimes feel a little lost and uncertain, but it is important to keep going and use each day to its fullest potential.