New Teacher of the Week: Katrina Maltezos


Kristy Mendoza Bonilla, Staff

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Katrina Maltezos is a freshman English teacher at Cypress Falls High school. Following the few years of being a substitute teacher, it will be her first year of teaching professionally. Maltezos had always known that she would become a teacher, and after getting a Bachelor’s in English at the University of Houston, that dream would finally come true.  She also attended Trinity College in Dublin, where she received her master’s in Cisco Analysis.  Although Maltezos finds hybrid teaching very challenging, she feels almost no weight on her shoulders because of the supportive team that works with her every single day. Her experience in educating at Cy Falls has helped her become more confident in working with technology. If there was one thing she could do, it would be teaching in Japan or South Korea, but due to COVID-19, it seems impossible to do so. Some pieces of advice that Maltezos believes that every student should follow is to set up boundaries with social media and prioritize your education.