New Teacher of the Week: Miles Nye


Freja Cini, Student Life and Opinion Section Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

Miles Nye is the new US History Dual Credit teacher at Cypress Falls High School. He has seven years of teaching experience, and has previously taught seventh grade Texas History in HISD for one year as well as US History, AP World History, and AP Human Geography for the last five years at the Harmony School of Innovation-Katy. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Stephen F. Austin State University and his Master of Arts from the University of Texas at Tyler.  Nye got into teaching because of his love for learning and the desire to help others. A piece of advice he would give to any student would be to make sure to show up and to do your duty in all things, as half of the battle is making the choice to be present and engaged. 


Outside of the walls of our school, Nye is a nature lover. The colleges he attended, both being located in East Texas, fit his aesthetic perfectly. Aside from the aesthetics, he also enjoyed his time in college in Nacogdoches and Tyler as the two cities are rich in historical importance to early Texas history and helped him focus on his research. Something he’d like to do at least once in his life is take his sons on a trip across Europe as to him, life is similar to a poem that can only truly be appreciated by reflecting upon it at its conclusion instead of trying to check off “accomplishment” boxes along the way.