COVID-19: A new look for high school sports


Summer Folwell, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With school starting amid a global pandemic, high schools across the nation have had to adapt to new safety policies. The University Interscholastic League (UIL) has been working diligently to come up with a new safety guideline, specifically for the different sports and how they are to deal with and prepare for the upcoming year.

Coach Flores runs his players through drills during SSP for basketball.

High School football is the most popular school sport in Texas. Due to its popularity, much consideration went into how the 2020 season would progress, especially since football is a high-contact sport.


“We are required to socially distance and wear masks when not actively participating,” Head Football Coach, Christopher Brister said.  “We also have to sanitize all the equipment and practice good hygiene. The boys have done a great job.”


Another popular highschool sport is track, and while track is listed as a non-contact sport, they still have to make adjustments according to the safety guidelines during both their practices and future meets. Although track’s off-season takes place in the fall, they are still expected to follow the same guidelines during the spring season.


“We have the same procedure as football,” the Girls’ Track Coach, Trampas Goodwin said. “We have to wear masks when we are not active. We are keeping most of the same workouts as years past, but more emphasis on staying socially distanced and less group work.” 

Players hard at work during drills to get ready for upcoming football season.


The track team was greatly affected last year due to their spring season being cut short. Many of last year’s seniors lost important chances in their track careers.


“Last season we had the chance to advance many girls to the Regional Track meet and possibly State,” Goodwin said. “Due to COVID, some athletes didn’t get the exposure they deserved.”


Although these are troubling times, some good has been brought up because of COVID-19. 


“COVID has brought us closer as a team,” Girls’ Basketball Coach, Ursula Hill commented. “We communicate better and have established relationships outside of basketball.”