Wacky Holidays no one Knows About


China Clegg, Staff

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Feb 1 Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Ice cream for Breakfast Day was first created in the 1960s by Florence Rappaport in Rochester, New York, as a way to entertain her children on a snowy morning.

Feb 2 Day of the Crêpe

This holiday is associated with the Catholic Feast of Candlemas that celebrates the presentation of the child Jesus, Jesus’ first entry into the temple, and the Virgin Mary’s purification. In France, it is believed that crêpes symbolize prosperity. 

Feb 2 Play Your Ukulele Day

The holiday was first celebrated in 2011, and since then, the holiday is celebrated all around the world under the slogan, “bring the world together, four strings at a time.”

Feb 3   Feed the Birds Day

This holiday was created by Bob Matthews in 2016. Bob and his wife Debbie are avid bird watchers and wanted the world to help their feathered friends. Bob is also the creator of Holiday Insights and The Gardener’s Network.

Feb 5 National Weatherperson’s Day

This holiday commemorates the birth anniversary of America’s first weatherman John Jeffries. Originally a physician, Jeffries started collecting weather data in Boston in 1774. Later, in 1784, he became the first person in the world to collect data from a weather observation balloon over London. The day honors volunteers, storm chasers, and meteorologists who risk their lives in order to collect weather data to alert the public about severe weather conditions.

Feb 7   Bubble Gum Day

Ruth Spiro created this day in 2006. Her objective was to create a day where schools can do a fundraiser without selling things.

Feb 8   Boy Scout Day

This holiday celebrates the birthday of scouting. On February 8, 1910, William Dickson Boyce filed incorporation papers in the District of Columbia to create the Boy Scouts of America.

Feb 10   Clean Out Your Computer Day

This holiday started in 2000 by the Institute of Business Technology to remind users to clean out their computers.

Feb 11   National Inventors Day

On February 11, 1983, U.S. President Ronald Reagan declared this day to be National Inventors Day because Thomas Alva Edison, the greatest inventor in U.S. history, was born on this day. 

Feb 11  White T-Shirt Day

This holiday honors those who participated in a sitdown strike at General Motors in 1937. The strike ended on this day in 1937.

Feb 12   National Lost Penny Day

Eventologist Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith created Lost Penny day in 1995. According to Koopersmith: “Petty change can make an astounding difference.”

Feb 13   World Radio Day

This holiday was created by the UN in 2011 to celebrate the start of UN radio in 1946.

Feb 14   Ferris Wheel Day

This day commemorates the birthday of the creator of the first ferris wheel, George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.

Feb 22     World Sword Swallowers Day

This holiday celebrates the ancient art of sword swallowing and honors those who practice it. It was created by the Sword Swallowers Association International (SSAI) in 2008 to bring awareness to the contributions to medical and scientific contributions of sword swallowers.

Feb 22 International World Thinking Day

This day was first created in 1926 at the fourth Girl Guide/Girl Scout International Conference. The original objective of this day was to set aside a day for girls to give thanks and appreciation to other Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. Now, years later, it is an opportunity for girls to learn about health issues that affect girls. 

Feb 27 International Polar Bear Day

This holiday was created by Polar Bear International to bring awareness to the plight of Polar Bears. Reduced food source, vulnerability to disease, and effects of human activity have placed polar bears on the verge of extinction.

Feb 28 Floral Design Day

Floral Design Day was created by Governor William F. Weld to honor Carl Rittner, the founder of the Rittener School of Floral Design.