Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the month of February fresh upon us, students, teachers, and administrators begin to spread love throughout the school. From passing caring notes to sharing cake, each day brings a new activity for staff and/or students to enjoy. 


For the past few years, the school has promoted and participated in #loveinthefalls. Principle Denton came up with this idea to help spread love and kindness throughout the school.


“[I] just wanted to use February (the month of love) to have an intentional focus on people being kind,” Denton said. “I truly believe we all want to be kind (and we all could use a little kindness), but we get busy.  Also, we focus too much on self and we were created to contribute – to others, to life, to make people better.”

(This calendar shows the days that certain groups are scheduled to participate in #loveinthefalls)

On the fourth, girls basketball participated in #loveinthefalls. In an effort to show their thankfulness, the team passed out snacks and drinks to bus drivers that afternoon.


It made me feel more appreciative because I personally gave [snacks to] my bus driver,” Alexus Shaw (10) said. “She said thank you. She gave me a hug and I almost cried.” 

(PALS participates in #loveinthefalls by passing out popsicles [email protected] on Twitter)

 There are many different ways to spread kindness throughout the school. Holding open the door for someone, writing a nice note, or picking up trash are just a few examples of small things students can do.