Social Media Over the Decade


Delani Boudreaux, Staff

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Social media over the decade has influenced people in different ways. The question is was it a positive or negative change? The answer is both. Social media has become a big part of people’s lives, mostly student’s lives. Students today have all grown up in a decade full of social media like Reddit, Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram. 


There are many positive changes that social media has brought in this past decade.  People can show their creativity to others, can spread awareness of a cause they support, can help improve self-confidence, and it makes it easier to communicate. These are some very valuable ways social media has impacted people in a good way. 


However, there are negative changes that social media has influenced, such as it can badly affect mental health by giving cyber-bullying a larger platform for hate, people can be influenced  by the wrong people and what they posted on social media, and can make drinking, drugs and making fun of people look “cool.” These are just a few ways social media has impacted people in a bad way.


Social media has changed a lot over the past decade. It started with a small amount of influence on people, but social media today has increased to become an obsession. Social media can make an impact so big in can help make life decisions by helping you find your passion. There is a negative side that can send people down the wrong path by giving the wrong impression of what something is. So now we must ask ourselves, are we experiencing the positive or the negative of social media and are we okay with that?