A Flashback to Our Past


Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the beginning of a new decade upon us in a few days, many students and teachers begin to reminisce about their childhood, their past, and their origins. Even our school, having been around for about three decades, is preparing for the changes that the year 2020 will bring. 


Cypress Falls opened its doors in August of 1992. It welcomed a small group of students, only sophomores and freshmen. The new school, as that year’s yearbook wrote, was “full of the best technology and the brightest teachers that Cypress had to offer.” 


The school had just finished construction a few weeks before the first classes started. Although it was meant for about 2,500 students, but only had about a thousand, it never seemed to be empty, as students ran around from classroom to classroom and hallway to hallway constantly spreading positive energy. 


Personally, I would argue that the students of the 90s were not much different than the students three generations later. Although the technology available to each generation of students was extremely different, our priorities were the same.


Like teens now, students in the 90s focused a great deal of time on improving the environment, ending racism, and decreasing the level of crime in their area. These same ideas carried on into our generation and will probably carry on into the generation after us. 


Interestingly enough, in 1992 there was a presidential election. Like many students today, the first students at Cy Falls voiced their personal opinions about the electoral candidates freely. This is extremely similar to how it is today at Cy Falls, as we prepare for another presidential election in 2020.


As the school gets older and the gap between the present students and the ones of 1993 grows larger, it is nice to see that we still have a lot socially in common.