Getting to know your Homecoming Court

Ashlyn Long and Summer Follwell, Staff

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Brandon Collins is a hardworking, determined athlete and student. He has attended Falls all four years of his high school career and is the quarterback on the varsity football team. With his main focus being football, he receives a lot of care and support from his family and friends. He believes one of the best qualities about himself is that he is an earnest person that will always tell the truth.

Jayden Goodwin is an amicable, well-loved, and humorous student. He enjoys playing on the varsity football team and track team. He describes his home life as very loving and supportive. He references the fact that he can count on his family to work together to get each other through hard times as one of his methods for success. He is an all around sociable guy that enjoys seeing kindness and joy that floats around Falls.

Dez’mon Scott is a kind, caring, and is open to meeting new people and making new friends. He is involved in many extracurricular activities, such as Mob Yell Leaders and singing with the choir. He loves seeing the friendliness of Falls students and likes that he is able to go up to people and easily engage in a conversation. He admires his mother and strives to be a good student and follow in her footsteps by attending college. He has a positive attitude and feels that being kind reflects the best in yourself.

Jacob Siboyeh has many impressive extracurricular activities such as being president of the math club and being a member of SPAA. He is even forming a new club called Money Falls that will help minority groups attend and pay for college. He humorously names himself the best looking guy at Falls and is also friendly and outgoing. He has a unique perspective on Falls students, he admires them for being complex thinkers, that find creative solutions to daily dilemmas in their lives.

Axel Escobar can be described as very friendly, sociable, bright and optimistic. He is a friendly face you will see around the hall. He enjoys playing soccer, running cross country, and playing tennis. He also loves hyping the sidelines as a part of the Mob Yell Leaders. He describes Falls as a place where you can find all types of welcoming and social students. 

Natalia Gallo is fun, loving, amiable and enthusiastic. She enjoys playing softball and attending football games, where she brings all the spirit and energy she can find, along with her fellow students. You can often find her dancing to all her favorite songs or helping make this school year the best yet at the SWAM (Senior Women And Men) meetings. 

Al Leah Freeman can be described as sociable, outgoing and passionate. She strives to change the lives of everyone she meets. You can often find her helping the sports teams train, or participating in the various honor societies, such as French, science, and social studies. She enjoys making friends and getting to know people wherever she goes. One of her favorite parts about going to Falls is the family feeling everyone gets as soon as they walk through the doors. 

Maggie Mullen is spirited, involved, and accepting towards others. She is often seen participating in various clubs and activities, such as PALS, theater, yell leaders, NHS, student council, and sports. She takes part in making Falls an amazing place by being welcoming, dedicated, responsible, and present along with the rest of her classmates. 

Reagan Lees is considerate, positive, and devoted. Reagan comes from a very supportive and loving household, which helps her interact with others with the same energy. You can find her exhibiting positive energy in the activities she’s in, such as PALS, photography, and SWAM. She is proud to go to school with classmates that are both diverse and hopeful.

Caden White is full of school spirit and is bursting with energy. She can happily say she is apart of cheer, social studies honor society, CREW, and young life. You can often find her leading the crowd at football games. She is cheered on by her family, who are extremely supportive. She loves going to school at a place where she can say she is always surrounded by people who are kind, respectful, and trustworthy.