Think Globally, Act Locally


Kaylee DeWalt, Staff Member

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It seems like everyday climate change gets worse and worse. Its slow progression is now over and the only thing left is a steep downhill slope. The problem with climate change is there isn’t just one solution to it. However, there are actions that everyday people can do to help stagnate its pace. 


Recycling is the easiest option for change. Most people have access to a recycling center or company, like INC. Even here at school, all the teachers have recycling bins in their rooms. But even in recycling, issues arise. Most people only know of a few things that are recyclable, for example, paper. However, many things that we use daily are recyclable. Plastic bags, for instance, are recyclable; however, you can’t just place them in the recycling bin. Most grocery stores will take used plastic bags, but they will not pick them up. This can become a problem for people who are unable to drop them off. This is one of the endeavors the SPAA(Students Protecting America’s Animals) club is working on to combat climate change. 


“We were trying to find a place that we would come and collect bags and they would come and retrieve them, or we could find a way to take them,” Joni Wilson, the sponsor for SPAA, said. “I haven’t found anywhere yet, but we’re just trying to make it be a solution apart of our everyday lives because everything everyone does can make a difference every day.”


With the plan to recycle the plastic bags underway, the SPAA organization has also started to plan other activities students can participate in, for example, this last Friday, SPAA asked all students to bring reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones. 


“I do feel like us as students just saying hey maybe instead of bringing a plastic water bottle, maybe just bring a reusable one or other alternatives,” Alexis Brown (12) said. “The same goes for donations and stuff. If you don’t have the money to donate, just spreading the word about it, you’re already helping because now there’s one more person who knows what is going on and they can do a difference.”


The important thing to remember about climate change is it’s only going to be solved if everyone comes together. Many people like to point the blame at big oil and electric companies; however, if we continue to blame these companies then we will never be able to work with them for a change.


“We’re looking for them to work with something that can help the environment, like working with electric gas more,” Wilson said. “Just something to make a progression so that they’re seen as leaders also of that effort. I don’t think as anyone as being bad, I think it’s more like let’s all work together to try to do this together and try to still stay in business.”