Powderpuff Preparations


Avery Collins, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The junior and senior girls have begun preparation for the 20th annual Powderpuff game. It is an all-for-fun game in which the junior and senior girls compete in a football game coached by football players in their grade.


“I joined Powderpuff because I have a competitive nature,” Morgan Nix (11) said. “They say the seniors win every year, but I feel like this year [the juniors] have it in the bag.”


The teams and coaches try to mimic Powderpuff practice like regular football practice; running plays, splitting up by offensive and defensive positions, then coming together in the end to put it together.


“”We usually start [practice] with a warm-up then we go into working on footwork,” Yasmin Mack (11) said. “Then, [we work on] plays then we scrimmage offense versus defense.”


Having players for coaches is also a game and a treasure in itself. The coaches have really stepped up and helped their players in every way they could.


“We have the best coaches ever,” Vicki Rack (12) said. “[They are] some of the most patient and kind boys at our school. They are so funny and nice to us and they make sure everyone feels included.”


A lot of girls participating in Powderpuff play another sport, too. It is important to the girls, and their coaches, that they keep themselves safe for Powderpuff and for their own sport.


“To keep myself safe, I just limit myself by knowing what I can do,” Nix said. “I know football is a contact sport so I have to be cautious of my actions so I’m not injured for volleyball.”


The Powderpuff game is a great opportunity for the junior and senior girls to connect and make friendships that will last.

“My junior year I joined Powderpuff because I wanted to get involved,” Rack said. “But, I had no clue how much fun it would be and how close I would get to all the people [I played with.] So, when the opportunity to play again came back this year, of course I jumped at the chance.”


The Powderpuff game is on April 25 at 6:00 p.m.