Fashion Show

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Fashion Show

Alyse Amos, Staff Member

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On April 11 from 7-8 p.m.,, models will be lining the runway of the Cy Falls auditorium. The fashion design students will be showcasing their efforts and trying to wow the crowd. The students are responsible for creating pieces that fit the theme. They have to design their pieces, find models, find music from their decade and decide on hair and makeup for their models.

“The theme is Fashion Through the Decade,” Amanda Bailey, the fashion design teacher said, “starting in the 1910s and traveling through time to present day.”

The fashion show even includes the cosmetology department. Designers will come up with a hair and makeup concept that they feel matches the pieces that they have designed. Cosmetology will then recreate their vision on each model.

“My students are doing great this year, Bailey said. “They are focused and proud of their accomplishments.My favorite part of teaching fashion design is seeing the amazement in my students eyes when they complete a project they are really proud of.”

Students have been working hard to make sure everything goes perfectly at the fashion show.

“Fashion one prepared us,” Jenna Bissonett (12) said. “Mrs. Bailey taught us how to sew, she taught us all the skills we need for this year and basically what we do now is follow the instructions and ask her a ton of questions.”

The show is the students’ moment to shine and show off everything that they’ve put into this.

“I’m so excited,” Jonathan Umana (12) said. “I’m excited to see the collection flow and see each individual model walk the runway.”