2019 Senior Prom


Breanne Montgomery, Co Editor

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A Starry Night in Houston is the theme of CyFall’s 2019 Senior Prom


Students’ plans for prom vary from person to person across the school. Some will go all out, and others may not go at all.


“Prom doesn’t seem to be worth the price for me to hang out with a bunch of people that don’t care about my existence in a crowded room,” senior Amy Lai said.


Some seniors will spend big bucks; whether it is for renting a limo, a spiffen tux, or even buying a bangin’ dress.


“I am going to spend about a $1,000 on everything,” senior Abby Heaton said.


Other seniors will be more inclined to keep the bill light.


“It’ll probably be like $300 in total, just ballin’ on a budget,” senior Alise Maxi said.


According to a 2015 survey from Visa, American families were spending an average of about $919 on their prom-goers. That was down only slightly from $978 in 2014; it peaked in 2013 with the average cost of prom being $1,139.


The budget for the 2019 senior prom is unknown for now, however, the funding for senior prom is collected throughout the students’ four years of high school.


For the students that will be attending the 2019 senior prom, it can be very important, even likened to a right of passage.


“I think it’s important for seniors to go because they won’t ever have another, and it’s a classic high school experience,” Heaton said.