Elective Fair

Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the new school year just around the corner, many students are tasked with planning their upcoming schedule. This also brings up the ongoing struggle many high school students face, electives. Too many students have regretted the electives they take during their early years of high school, mostly because they were uninformed about the different electives around the school. In order to combat this, elective teachers  Leslie Laird and Amber Jennings have started the first Elective Fair in order to showcase the many different electives that the school offers.


The Elective Fair will be held Apr. 16 from 6 to 7:30 in the commons.


“I hope that it helps students to kind of pick and choose the right classes for them,” Laird said. “We know that we have these electives with these really small numbers and we know students that are interested in [that] class. So now it’s time to bring the two together.”


The Elective Fair is open to any students who are entering high school or who will be continuing next year.


“I think it is very important for the school to advertise its electives,” sophomore Sam Hobbs said. “It helps students find subjects they enjoy that spark their interests or can even earn them money in the future.”


Often times, students will spend their first two years in high school learning about the different electives. The Elective Fair hopes to give students the opportunity to start high school with knowledge of all electives open to them.


“I only know a limited amount of electives that I’ve heard from my siblings and cousins,”  Phuong Tran said. “I think it’s important for the school to advertise the different electives because it allows students to choose from more possibilities if they know the full extent of the school’s offers.”


About 20 different classes are set to participate in the Elective Fair.


“I hope that it boasts student class size for our electives,” Laird said. “ I’d love to have more students really understand [my class] so that they can take the class if they are interested, and I’m sure that the other elective teachers want that as well.”