All About the 2019 Bond

Hunter King, Staff Member

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Hoping to gain funds that will bring renovations and improvements to a wide range of district facilities, Cypress Fairbanks ISD will hold a referendum on a new bond proposal on Saturday, May 4.

District officials say the $1.7 billion bond will be allocated to instructional facilities, safety and security enhancements, transportation, technology, and renovations.

Instructional & Support Facilities: $258,208,345 Safety & Security Enhancements: $207,656,706bond-2019-transportation.jpgTechnology: $238,980,763 Bond 2019: Facilities Renovations & Additions

“Our committee was asked to develop a fiscally responsible plan that would address the needs of the district for 2019-2025,” Julie Hinaman, the community chair of the CFISD Long Range Planning Committee stated. “We focused on accommodating student growth, adding security, updating technology, adding transportation, and protecting the investments that have already been made in existing facilities and assets.”

Hinaman added that the committee felt those areas all have an impact on the success of the students.

Cypress Falls is one of several older schools that would reportedly be impacted by the funding. Campus renovations and additions include upgrades of sports and fine arts facilities. Security enhancements, including fencing around portable buildings and upgrades to door hardware and existing metal detectors, are also part of the plan for the campus.

“Student and staff safety is at the top of the list of priorities,” Hinaman said. “We want to be proactive in providing safety and security enhancements to facilities and programs. The last bond in 2014 laid a good foundation for school safety and the 2019 bond builds on that foundation.”

The district believes that the passage of this bond referendum not only improves district facilities, but also has positive economic and social implications on the community.

“This bond insures that school facilities are maintained and upgraded while also making sure we have the necessary educational resources for all students in our growing area,” Hinaman said.

District calculations project that the annual tax increase on a $200,000 home within the district boundaries would increase by $40.50 per year, but district publications state that there would be no tax impact on disabled or senior citizens over the age of 65.

Bond 2019 - What will it cost? $40.50, MAXIMUM projected annual tax increase on a $200,000 home. $0.03 MAXIMUM projected I&S tax increase over a 7-year period. $0.00 tax impact for thos 65 or older or diabled and who qualify for an over-65 exemption.

If passed, the bond program will begin in 2019 and be completed by 2025. Early voting begins on April 22 and continues through April 30. More details are available on the district website which you can get to by clicking here