Reagan Partin and the Calf Scramble Victory


Alise Maxie, Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minute

One of the many participants in the Houston Rodeo calf scramble was one of our very own Reagan Partin. Regan Partin is a junior and is currently a part of FFA ( Future Farmers of America).


“The calf scramble is when Texas 4-H and FFA members try to catch a calf in exchange for money to go towards a steer or heifer for next year’s livestock show,” Partin (11) said.


To participate in the calf scramble, you must sign up for it. They have an age requirement and you also have to be apart of FFA or Texas 4-H. There are also many ways to practice the cafe scramble, but not everyone does. Sometimes the process just comes more natural to others.


“You can always go to someone’s land and ask to tackle their calves, but I didn’t do anything, I was winging it,” Partin said.


This work ethic did not stop Partin from catching her calf thus giving her money to prepare for her next year in FFA. Regan signed up for the calf scramble because she thought it would be fun to catch one and also fun if she raised a steer next year.


“My favorite part of FFA is raising livestock, pigs and now a soon to be steer,” Partin said.


The cafe scramble of 2019 will continue to be one of Partin’s most memorable moments in FFA due to the lessons that she learned from the experience.


“To be honest, I’ve learned just to have fun and be supportive and that everything happens for a reason. To me FFA means that you have a sense of belonging and you’re able to experience a wide range of activities.” Partin said.