Staff Appreciation Week


Kaylee DeWalt, Staff

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Every day, teachers around the country decide themselves to expanding their students’ knowledge as well as making them better people. For one week during April, students and administrators participate in staff appreciation week to show how much they appreciated the staff.


With April just around the corner, teachers and staff being to get excited for staff appreciation week.  


“I think students show a lot of appreciation,” Algebra II teacher Shan Breerwood said. “I don’t think it has to be just a single day or a single week. Just things that students do in the classroom every day is appreciation.”


In the past, administrators have come together to show how much they appreciated the staff by giving them lunch, candy, and much more.


“Our favorite is jeans passes,” English teacher Leslie Laird said. “We love a week of jeans. Also, I know that letter writing has been big this [past] year.”


All activities and gifts planned for this are kept secret from the teachers and staff members in order to make them more excited during the week.


“We have some special treats planned for our staff but it’s a secret,” Principal Rebecca Denton said. “[We usually] feed them, give them a nice gift – umbrella, laptop bag, tee shirt etc, or let them wear jeans.”


Administrators are not the only ones who actively participate in showing their appreciation, many students do too.


“Teachers have had former students write letters and stuff and that always means a lot,” Breerwood said. “Things that are little like candy. It’s just nice to have a surprise and to know someone is thinking about us.”