Eco Fair

Avery Collins, Staff

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It is that time of the semester again.  A time in which the seniors enrolled in Economics have the opportunity to put their creativity and business persona’s on display.


“I am very excited for Eco Fair,” Demi Lacey (12) said. “It is a great way to see how life is in the real world and how supply and demand really works.”


At the beginning of each semester, each student in Economics learns about the supply and demand process and the logistics of what goes into creating a product from scratch, advertising it, and selling it for a fair price. It is a slow, but steady learning process that pays off in the end as the money received from tickets helps pay for the senior breakfast at the end of the year.


“It is important for students to learn how business works because these are entities we work with everyday,” Economics teacher Kathleen Vargas said. “In addition, understanding how they work allows students to become more knowledgeable consumers.”  


Aside from staying within school regulations, students have the free-will to make anything they want. Products in previous years have ranged from t-shirts, to mini speakers, to toys and knick-knacks, to mystery boxes which may include prizes like money.


“My Eco Fair product are crystal necklaces,” Alise Maxie (12) said. “It’s something I really love to wear myself and I’ve always wanted to make them and I thought this would be the perfect time.”


Products differ from semester to semester to a certain extent. While quality of product remains consistent, the actual items sold do not.


“In the Fall, we have a lot of Christmas themed products, like ornaments,” Vargas said. “In the spring, we have a lot of college themed products.”


While worthwhile, Eco Fair can be stressful as students become mini-entrepreneurs for a semester. Don’t mind the sigh that may come after you ask an Economics student about their project.


“It’s a little stressful,” Lacey said. “But just because of the deadlines.”


Eco Fair will be held on April 12 during second period in the Commons.