Mr. Cy-Falls

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Mr. Cy-Falls

Alyse Amos, Staff

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Mr. Cy Falls, the annual senior male pageant, took place in the auditorium On March 2. Each boy signed up with a female escort (or two) and came out to show off for the crowd. They participated in a sequence of competitions and dances, trying to win the affection of the judges.


“The reason why I decided to do Mr. Cy Falls is because four years ago, my brother did Mr. Cy Falls and after seeing him have the best time of his life, after seeing him like, you know, go up there and do everything he can, that’s exactly what I wanted to do,” Matthew Shrand (12) said. “I went up there, I gave it my all and I did it all for him.”


The first competition in Mr. Cy Falls was the talent portion. The acts ranged from song covers and dances to game shows and ASMR. Some contestants did acts in groups and some went solo.


The next competition was the swimsuit contest. The boys’ escorts lined the runway while they strutted their stuff and struck a pose.


“I literally went up there just to have fun,” Shrand said.  “I realized if I made it my goal to win, I would have had a different experience.”


Even the escorts got their time to shine in the girls dance between competitions dancing to “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus.


“Of course Mr. Cy Falls was so fun, it is definitely one of my high school highlights,” Mariah Vasquez (12) said. “I found Mr. Cy Falls very entertaining because I got to see a new side of my closest friends that I had never seen before.”


At the end, a handful of the men won awards and, of course, they crowned the overall winner….


Mr. Congeniality- Matthew Shrand

Best Back Pocket- Nathan Cerdena

Best Biceps- Isaiah Beathley

Best Eyes- Ethan Ha

Best Calves- Jackson McGlashen

Best Smile- Dujaun Wilmer


First runner up- Jordan Herrington

Mr. Cy Falls- Sean Young

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