Solo and Ensemble At Falls

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Solo and Ensemble At Falls

Hunter King, Staff Member

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The UIL Solo and Ensemble contest was held on Saturday, February 23, at Cypress Falls. The annual Solo and Ensemble contest is held after winter break and is attended by almost 300 band students from Cypress Falls.


What is Solo and Ensemble?

The contest is held every year at a school in which students from all over the district play music of their choosing for a judge. Students choose the music four months prior to the contest day and practice together on their own time to put it together.


What happens on contest day?

When the day arrives, students perform their pieces, a solo, an ensemble or both, for a judge. The judge gives the student(s) a rating on their performance on a scale from one to five. A one being the highest rating. If a student earns a one on any of their pieces, they receive a medal to commend their performance. A rating of a two and three is also very prestigious and though students don’t receive a medal, their accomplishments are noted and they may receive a ribbon.


What are the takeaways from Solo and Ensemble?

There are many valuable and positive takeaways from the event. Students learn vital independent skills from Solo and Ensemble because they have to pick their own music, put together that music, practice consistently, plan out a performance time, dress properly, arrive on time, and perform in a professional way. The performance itself can feel high stakes, but once it’s over, the effort pays off.  


What were the results?

At the end of the day, there were 71 results for solos and 67 results for ensembles. 29 “1’s” were handed out in the solo category and 34 “1’s” were given to those who did ensembles. There were 30 “2’s” given in the ensemble category, the second highest rating, and 27 to soloists. There were 18 “3’s” from both category to finish the day and wrap up the big weekend.