Young Writers Club

China Clegg, Contributing Writer

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Young Writers Club (YWC) is introducing two more poetry slams in the year 2019.  First established in the 2017- 2018 school year, YWC has progressed to having about 10 to 15 members.


Annabelle Bernal (12) and Crystal Aguocha (12) began the club in their junior year after having Ms. Krieder agree to become sponsor.


“Me and Crystal were both writers, we both enjoyed writing and we heard that there was a writing club so in our sophomore year we went to it and there wasn’t really anything to do,” President Annabelle Bernal (12) said. “The president of the club seemed really distant and so me and Crystal spent the next few months talking about how much we wanted to create a club and the next year, our junior year, we found Mrs. Kreider and we just set up a club. We loved it.”


YWC’s poetry Slam is one of the many activities the club is known for. Many of the students who attend aren’t in YWC which is a form of advertisement for the club.


“The poetry slam is where a group of poets take either an original piece or a piece which their going to be quoting,” Crystal Aguocha (12) said. “They perform for a live audience after they’ve been practicing it.


Some of the other activities well known in YWC are Mafia, Pass Around poetry, and Ameoba. Many members expressed that those are the main favorites of the club.


“Alright, a classic, it kinda started from day one mafia,” Bernal said. “That’s really fun. So Mafia is basically a game where there is a murderer chosen after everybody closes their eyes, someone gets chosen and people walk around and the murderer will wink at you and you just kinda fall dramatically. It’s so much fun seeing everybody laugh and just doing their own kind of like death thing. Some people die really slow, and some people like drop like sandbags. It’s pretty cool.”


Many students love the combination of writing and physical activity because it allows more variety in those that come and allow for a more energetic atmosphere.


“[We] definitely [do] writing games and then after that we do some other games that appeal to moving around a lot cause you really can’t just sit down forever,” Kenneth Davila (10) said. “You gotta get your blood pumping in order to think of something. Frankly, the writing activities [are my favorite] cause I love writing, it’s basically a hobby of mine. Any other activity really isn’t my biggest cup of tea.”


One of YWC’s president’s ideas is to participate in a coffee shop somewhere to give the members of the club experience in the world of writing performing poetry.

“At the end of the year I definitely want to take the kids who want to to participate in like a coffee shop somewhere,” Bernal said. “The end of the year thing at a coffee shop is probably gonna be after finals if that’s a prefered time because I know just finals are too much.”


The Poetry Slam is still in development and the dates are still to be decided.

February or March is probably gonna be the slam. The first one of the year because the last one didn’t work out. May is probably gonna be the last slam.” Annabelle said. “What i wanna do is I want to at least implement it in one middle school this year. At least bring them some type of solace because I know young writers club is definitely a solace for all the kids there. I just see how happy they are when their there so that and just more slams more coming together and just more homely in the club. Not necessarily more people.”