No Time to Spare

Jennaca Scholz, Contributing Writer

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After slaving over practice for over four months, one victory has decided it all at CopperField Bowl. On January 16, 2019, the bowling team went up against one of their toughest opponents, New Jersey Village. The motivation and the drive to win overpowered Jersey Village.

“With us two players against the four people in the bakers match we played, we managed to not be beaten,” Lucas Lynn, captain of the JV team said. “We were just happy that we didn’t have them double our score.”


Bakers is a team game where five people are assigned two frames. Lynn’s JV team was not the only one struggling in their singles and bakers matches. The boys varsity team had struggles of their own. Co Captain Kent Woolner’s team pulled through their bakers match.

“It was a very tough match,” Woolner said. “We pulled through for bakers. There were low scores for the singles, but we swept them in bakers.”


Despite the struggles, Woolner’s team is first place. Woolner believes to win, there are certain techniques a bowler must do.

“We should be doing a lot of practice especially for bakers since it’s really the most important one,” Woolner said. “Bowling is also just a mental game. We need to just keep our cool when we are bowling. Especially with Jersey Village and Cy-Fair who is are toughest opponents.”


Not all hope is lost. With great trust from Pat Collins, coach of the bowling team, they are sure to win Regionals and State.

“I have no doubt that they can make it,” Coach Collins said. “If they try hard enough, they are sure to make it to Regionals and State.”