Power Up, Super Smash Bros.


Henry Nguyen, Contributing Writer

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament is one of the latest tournaments where every gamer or fan of Smash Bros. can participate to compete against each other.


There’s approximately 100 students competing against each other to determine who can be the winner of the tournament or having to root for their fellow friends. The tournament is meant for everyone instead of just only professional players.  

“The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament is a huge success for those who love playing Smash,” Mr. Moma, host of the Computer Club, said. “They play the game for fun and having to interact with new people and their friends. Also, not everyone has to be good in order to participate in the tournament unless they want to see who can be on top.”


Though the tournament is new to the school, there was some issues during the tournament. It was going a bit slower and they will have to host the tournament for few days. The group behind the tournament will make changes for the tournament in the future.

“It may have a bit of an issue since this is the school’s first time doing this Smash tournament,” Mr. Moma said. “However, they’ll start to make changes for the tournament and it will be more easier and faster.”


What made many student participate the tournament is that the tournament is about Smash Bros. and they are all gamers who grew up playing Smash Bros. at their young age.

“My first Smash Bros. game is the first Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64,” Mr. Pierce, host of the Video Game Club, said. “I remember playing that game with my brother. It’s great to see how the series is still going on and how they improve the gameplay of the modern Smash Bros. games.”


Although most gamers known the series in Smash Bros., there are some people who may not recognize some of the video games series but they somehow know the popular ones.

“I have not played any Smash Bros. games before,” Mr. Moma said. “Though I do have some of my students who are considered gamers that played the game before. But I will say that I do heard of the series before.”


Everyone in the tournament may not have a high chance of winning, but they know that the tournament wasn’t all about winning. It was only for fun and everyone doesn’t have to take it serious.

“Even if some of the people aren’t profesional at playing Smash, they’ll still have fun in the tournament,” Mr. Pierce said. “It’s best that everyone will always be the winner even if they lost the tournament.”