Senior Checklist

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Senior Checklist

Lauren Gonzalez, Staff member

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With second semester starting, and the school year coming to a close, there are still many seniors who are unprepared for their next step. Deadlines are approaching, and some have already passed, but students can still catch up.


Many universities have decided on their 2019 fall incoming freshman, so seniors should have already received word on admission status by this time as well as financial aid packages for some colleges. To those that have not applied, however, there are still many colleges  accepting applications through March or June.


FAFSA opened October 1 and closes June 30, but do not wait. Apply now, because the sooner FAFSA is filled out, the more likely the amount of money awarded will be higher. Once applicants have received a financial aid package for the colleges of their choice, they can start comparing packages. This is usually a top deciding factor in choosing which university is the best fit for each student and their own financial situation.


Many universities have the requirement of freshman students living on campus. This means that housing will fill up quickly; seeing as there are many other freshman looking for affordable dorm rooms. Students should secure deposits and decide campus housing as soon as possible.


Once the student has officially decided their school of choice, be sure to communicate acceptance intent. New student orientation is another requirement and must be scheduled as soon as possible. Seniors should sign up for signing day by May 1. A final transcript should be requested and sent to the college of choice at the end of the semester.


Some reminders to keep in mind throughout the rest of the year are as follows: Seniors should stay on top of school work, avoid senioritis at all costs, students should continue to look for scholarships and meet deadlines as these scholarships are very competitive.


To all my fellow seniors, we are almost there, keep working hard. We will finish out the year strong.

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