Hector the Bullrider

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Hector the Bullrider

Alise Maxie, Editor

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After school, some work, some YouTube, and some bull ride? Senior Hector Hernandez Polanco (12) is a bull rider in Mexico. When he’s not in the books, he’s out holding on to bulls as long as he can because Mexican tradition requires the rider to stay on till the bull stops bucking to prove that they have tamed the animal.


Hector started bull riding at the age of eight, and coming from a long line of bull riders, it has always been apart of his culture. Bull riding has always been a common hobby for his family ever since he can remember being young and growing up in Mexico.


“My family, such as my cousin and dad, were into it, they no longer bull ride because they’re too old,” Hernandez Polanco said.


Bull riding is an extremely dangerous sport, so an incentive more than just trophies are given. Hector has gained many trophies in his 10 years of riding. The best prizes though are what come with it. Hector has received gifts ranging from flashy belt buckles to trucks because of his accomplishments.


“I bull ride everywhere, different cities in Mexico and in the states,” Hernandez Polanco said.


Although the thrill of this sport and the flashy prizes might get addicting. Hector and his family know he can’t bull ride forever. Hector has been greatly injured over half the times he has rode. From injuries as small as broken fingers to bruised rib cages.


“My family isn’t proud of me doing this, they don’t like it because it’s really dangerous,” Hernandez Polanco said.


Hector will retire after this season; to respect his family’s wishes and concerns for his safety. At first he didn’t want to accept it, but he has come to the realization that the ride is not worth a life.


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