Thrifting for the Holidays


Abby Richardson, staff

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Thrifting is when people shop for interesting items or clothing that have been used for a cheap price. It’s recycled clothes that will be used over and over again. Some of the clothes were made in different decades, like someone could purchase someone’s grandma’s favorite sweater from the 90’s.

“The best part about thrifting for me is finding things that mean a lot to me now that probably meant a lot to someone a long time ago,” Veronica Lewis (12) said.

Thrifting is especially helpful for the holiday season. It is a inexpensive way to get gifts for loved ones.

“I’ve gotten jewelry, bags, clothes of course, kids toys, baby shower gifts etc,” Lewis said.

There is only a range of styles at certain stores, but at thrift stores they have pretty much every style of clothing, especially since so many different people use thrift stores as the best place to donate clothes, after they’ve clean out their closets or houses in general.

“My favorite thing about thrifting is that there’s so much you can look for; there’s so much variety,” Melanie Murillo (12) said. Usually in stores like Forever 21, it’s all a certain style. In thrift shops, it’s any style.”

While shopping at the mall or online people can push what they want in the search bar and get it, but with thrift stores they have to actually search and be patient.

“Don’t go in expecting to find vintage clothing or items,” Lewis said. “You’ll most likely come out with nothing. Also don’t expect to find anything every time you go. Expect less and get more I guess.”