Christmas Movies and Chill

Avery Collins, Staff

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December has begun, and to many, the Christmas season includes setting up the tree, drinking hot chocolate, and watching famous christmas movies. Christmas classics are a given and they are what many look forward to. No matter how often you watch these movies, it feels like the first time every time. Here are five of the most popular Christmas movies:


Home Alone (1990):

One of the biggest ‘kids, don’t try this at home’ movies ever. This movie is about a boy named Kevin McCallister who gets accidentally left behind while his family goes on a trip to Paris. While home alone, two men try to break in and rob his house. It is then up to him to stop them and keep them out. He goes to extremes only a kid his age would take.


The Polar Express (2004):

Trains, hot chocolate, elves, and bells. This is one of the most iconic Christmas movies to date. So iconic that every year, elementary school teachers host their own ‘Polar Express’ in the classroom with real tickets, hot chocolate, and pajamas. This movie is about a boy doubting the magic in Christmas. When he is invited onto a mysterious train ride, he learns the importance of friendship and heart; the true meanings of Christmas.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000):

“Max….help me, I’m…FEELING!” There’s no doubt that watching the Grinch hate christmas is a hilarious holiday favorite. This movie is about a once-Christmas-loving Grinch, who’s holiday was ruined during childhood. Now, he makes it his mission to sneak into the town nearby to steal all of the Who’s presents, and wreck their Christmas, too. On the way, he comes across one of the local children, Cindy Lou, who makes loathing Christmas a little hard for him.


Elf (2003):

Will Ferrell, yellow leggings and all, does it again. In this Christmas classic, Buddy was mistakenly sent to the North Pole as a toddler, and adopted by one of the elves. It was obvious Buddy wasn’t like the other elves, so, he begins a journey to find his real dad, Walter Hobbs. As Buddy is ecstatic to start his new life with his dad in New York, Walter does not have that same positive energy….or any positive energy. Buddy takes it upon himself to bring that Christmas spirit to Walter, and everyone else around him.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964):

If you didn’t immediately start singing the song…go back.This movie is ultimately about accepting yourself when no one else will. Rudolph is uncommonly born with a bright-red nose, as opposed to the regular black nose. Shamed by those at school, and even by his father, Rudolph attempts to shield his shiner, but to no avail. When a snowstorm sweeps through the town on Christmas Eve, everyone looks to Rudolph for help.

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