Tackling the Dream

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Tackling the Dream

Avery Collins, Staff

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To dream is to fantasize about something that is desired. Everyone dreams. Everyone has that one goal in life they keep in the back of their mind, hoping the opportunity to accomplish it arises. For Jeanette Elliff, that dream was to score a touchdown.


This was a dream that Elliff kept to herself for 50 years, but had only announced out loud to her daughter, Pamela Broussard, a NAC teacher at Cypress Falls, about a month ago. Until then, her and her husband, George Elliff, bought season tickets for the Texans and never missed a game.


Broussard, with the help of Falls’ football team, discreetly decided to make her mother’s dream come true. She planned it to where on Elliff’s birthday, she’d score her touchdown.


“Keeping it a secret from my parents was easy,” Broussard said. “Getting them to stick to the plan was the hard part.”


The football players lined up in formation like they had many other times before, but this time Mrs. Elliff was in the midst of them. TJ Goodwin (12), Falls’ quarterback, got the snap then passed it to Elliff. All of the players, coaches, staff, and students cheered Elliff on as she made her way into the endzone.


“It was wonderful,” Jeanette Elliff said. “I’ve just always liked football.”


Broussard is grateful for the support of her school, and it is something she will never forget.


It was not part of anyone’s job, but it was a part of many people’s hearts,” Broussard said. “It will be a day we remember and talk about for a long time.”

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