Cy Falls Talent Show


Abby Richardson, staff

Reading Time: < 1 minute

This year, the Cypress Falls Sky Dancers are throwing their first school talent show for their fundraiser. The show is in the beginning of December.

“We started the talent show as another fundraiser for the Sky Dancers,” Courtney Goldwitz, Sky Dancer coach, said. “But we thought it would be a great idea for all of Cy Falls to be able to show off some fun acts rather than it just exclusively being Mr. Cy Falls when kids (boys) get the chance to do so.”

With this being a special event there has to be outstanding judges. They haven’t selected judges yet, but are planning to.

“We are uncertain who the judges will be at this moment,” Goldwitz said. “However, we are wanting to have ‘Celebrity’ judges, including important personnel from the district.”

Since this is the schools first talent show, no one knows what to expect. But with the unknown of this event, the audience will probably be packed.

“We are not sure how many people will be in the show, but we are hoping a lot,” Goldwitz said. “We are just trying to get the word out to have more people sign up as of right now.”

This idea sparked from the Sky Dancers who are holding it for their fundraiser. This might be the start of a new tradition.

“This is something that we would like to continue to do each year,” Goldwitz said.

Come and see the Cy Falls talent show on December 8.