Tip A Cop


Kaylee DeWalt

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The holiday season is a time of family and happiness for many; however, that happiness can be costly. Some families can even spend the entire holiday season penniless, and many kids do not get any presents. In order to change that, the CFISD police force has put together a fundraiser that will pay for bicycles for students who normally would spend the holiday season presentless.


For one part of the fundraiser, officers paid to either grow out their bead or paint their fingernails, both of which are against their dress code.


“The guys do No Shave November, they have to pay 75 dollars in order to not have to shave, and that money goes towards this,” Officer Amanda Clemmons said. “The girls, we get to paint our fingernails, so I paid 40 dollars to be able to paint my fingernails for the next two months and all the money goes into this program and we’ll buy bicycles and hand them out at Christmas time.”


The officers also spent Wednesday at Willie’s Ice House waiting tables in hopes of getting donations from the restaurant goers.


“Last year we did this and it went really well,” Sergeant Officer Paul Poulton said. “We raised over two thousand dollars. I’m hoping to better than what we did last year; thinking it will go good.”


This isn’t the first fundraiser that the police force has participated in. Just last year, they donated to the local children’s hospitals.


“Last year we made stockings and took them down to the children’s hospital,” Clemmons said. “This year since we were so successful in our fundraisers last year, we wanted to be able to keep it in district to give back to the kids in the area that we service.”


The police force also feels like this is a great opportunity for them to give to their community and to show another side to the unusually stereotypical viewpoint to the police.


“A lot of times police officers get seen having to do the rough stuff that nobody want to see,” Poulton said. “But there is another aspect to it; we don’t just catch bad guys all day. We want to contribute to our kids and our community. So this is one way for us to do that.”