Canning Kindness


Kaylee DeWalt

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the holiday season just around the corner, many families are starting to cook their holiday feast; however, not all are not able to afford this luxury. In order to help feed those in need during the holiday season, NHS, the National Honor Society, is having a food drive.


All the canned food will be donated to Ruby’s Project, an organization that makes baskets for families for Thanksgiving.


The National Honor Society is collecting food to give to a food pantry so that they can donate it to those in need for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,” Kim Fitzgerald, history teacher, said. “So that every family will have a feast.”


The food drive officially ended last Friday, but there will be more opportunities for students to donate later in the year.


“This is part of our community service hours for this semester,” Evelyn Hooten, NHS teacher representative, said. “In January, we will collect canned foods for the Super Bowl.”


NHS is also hoping this food drive will encourage students to donate and do more things to support their community.


“I think it is important for students to feel connected to their community,” Fitzgerald said. “And so an opportunity to serve the community in a joyful way, like sharing food seems like a very sort of low key entry into a service that everyone can participate in.”


In addition to feeding those in need, the food drive also offers a friendly competition between the classes to see who will collect the most canned food.


“This year, we are encouraging our social studies students to be civic-minded,” Hooten said. “I decided to make this a competition between each of the social studies classes. Each class is collecting different canned foods. The class with the most cans will receive a party or cupcakes etc. from their teacher.”