A Frightening Fest At Six Flags


Kaylee DeWalt

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Six Flags is one of the biggest amusement parks in Texas. Each year, in October, they have their annual Fright Fest. During this time, the parks are decorated with Halloween decorations and some of the workers wore customs. Recently, I went to Six Flags in San Antonio for their Fright Fest.


There were many of things I liked about the park. For starters, there were plenty of things to do if you weren’t the roller coaster type. There were lots of games along the pathways and they had many different types of rides.


That being said, if you are planning to ride these rides, the Flash Pass is worth the hour wait to get it and the expense. The Flash Pass is a small device that hooks onto either your purse or your belt and allows you to skip the line at the rides. So instead of waiting two hours for a thirty-second ride, you wait, at most, seven  minutes. There also is a separate line for people with Flash Passes, that, for the most part, are labeled pretty well.


As for Fright Fest, I was expecting a lot more. As a person who can barely watch a trailer for a horror movie, I’m pretty easy to scare, but I wasn’t scared at all.


The Fright Fest didn’t start until sundown so the majority of time I spent at the park was pretty normal except for some decorations and the haunted house. Around 6:30,all the workers were dressed in costume, and walked around while providing a few shows and a designated a tunnel that many of the workers will go and try to scare people walking around.


My main issue with Fright Fest is that it was way too crowded to enjoy anything. I went on the last Saturday of Fright Fest, which was a horrible decision on my part. By the time the sun went down, it was so crowded that it was impossible to walk around without bumping into people. The park can’t really do anything about the crowds; it’s just something you have to keep in mind if you are planning to go.


One thing the park can improve on is food. Even before the crowds, the line for food was insane. It took an hour for my friend’s aunt to get food, and by the time my friend and I were hungry the lines got even longer, so we didn’t eat for the whole time we were there.


Overall, I would go to the park again, even with the ridiculous wait for food; I just wouldn’t go again during Fright Fest.