Long distance relationships


Abby Richardson, staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Everything all starts with connections. It’s what a strong relationship relies on. So being away from your significant other for a long time, it only makes the connection grow stronger. It’s because when they are with each other, they cherish their time together before they have to leave again. Facetime and texting are the foundation of a long distance relationship because that’s how they communicate everyday, but there are also many cons to being in a long distance relationship.
A con people bring up is the long wait to see them because they can’t just hang out when they feel like it, they have to make a plan to see each other, and being together for a couple days and then going away for a long time again is difficult. It is a nice feeling being able to see the significant other in person and being able to enjoy the time they have together, but the hard part is saying goodbye. It can also cause a change of feelings by not being around your loved one as much as you would like to be.
Arguments are also a big problem especially when people want to see their loved one, but in the conditions that one is in, it makes it an obstacle that can affect or end a long distance relationship. But, if one truly loves a person, then the distance isn’t a problem. They will always put in effort if they know that in the long haul it will all be worth it. A couple that has commitment, trust, and love will be able to work even if they are miles away from each other.
Being able to work it out is also a very important key to a long distance relationship because knowing that the fight isn’t as important as their relationship. Also knowing that they don’t have much time together it reduces arguments and fallouts because they know that it isn’t as important as staying together.
The relationship may being difficult to obtain, but it is worth it in the end. Every relationship depends on both individuals working to keep the connection together, and if that is done right then the distance shouldn’t be a problem.