The Fight For District

Kaylee DeWalt

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Football season carries on strong at Cy Falls as the varsity football team prepares for their game against Jersey Village. If Cy Falls wins this game, then they will become the district champions and will continue their season to the state championship. Cy Falls has yet to lose a game, making many of the students optimistic.


Cy Falls will play Jersey Village tonight at Pridgeon Stadium at 7:00 p.m.


“I’m really excited for today’s game,” Chiedza Dinga (10) said. “I think our team has been working really hard and I feel like we can actually make district.”


Not only is the football team excited for the game, so are the teachers and students who have cheered them on since game one.


“Sometimes we scream so loud that our throats hurt the next day,” Alyssa O’ Donnell (12) said. “But we have a lot of fun during the games so it worth it.”


This football game has also drawn lots of attention from not just the students and staff within the school, but also Fox News, who, this morning, filmed at the pep rally.


“The pep rally was so much fun, although I had to wake up really early,” O’ Donnell said. “It was way better [than] they usually are.”


Throughout the school, many students and staff members are planning to attend and show their school spirit.


“I truly feel like this football [game] is going to go well if they continue doing what they’ve been doing during games in the past,” Kamryn Myles (10) said. “I really hope that the game is worth the hype.”