Cy Falls Teacher Does It Again


Credit: The Golden Eagle Yearbook

Kaylee DeWalt

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Every year, the CFISD Wall of Fame recognizes the teachers and staff members in CFISD that have achieved awards and/or recognition on a state or national level. Cy Falls own, Pamela Broussard will join the seven others whose picture will be displayed at the ISC for an entire year before being moved to the Hall of Fame, where their portraits will join those of past inductees.


In February of this year, Broussard won the HEB Excellence in Education Lifetime Achievement Award and was gifted one thousand dollars for herself and one thousand dollars for the school.


“I feel really honored and really blessed that I won,” Broussard said. “It’s just such an honor to represent the school because I love Cy Falls and I love the school district. So it’s a great honor and I hope it encourages my kids to go for big things in life.”


Broussard has been teaching for 30 years, nine of those she spent at Cy Falls teaching the students who have been in the country for less than six months at the NAC, New Arrival Center.


“I think Ms. Broussard really embraces the idea we are one,” Principal Rebecca Denton said. “She teaches the kids that have been in the country six months or less. And so she is able to help them… They’ve left their homes, they left their friends, they’ve left their lives, and they’ve come to America with the hope of getting a good education. And so she really immerses them and brings them together [and] helps them fit into the Cy Falls culture.”


The CFISD Wall of Fame is stationed at the front of the ISC building allowing the visitors for the rest of the year to see all the amazing teachers placed on the wall.


“I love it. I’m proud; so very proud of her,” Denton said. “That is a display that is up throughout the year, and then it stays up for the rest of, I guess forever. But they highlight them in a very special place for one year. And so every time you walk past it you just get a little prideful because that’s one of yours.”


After winning the award, Broussard was honored by the school district for always trying to better herself and her students.


“The HEB award was for a teacher of excellence,” Denton said. “And today you don’t [find] very many people like her who have done it this long and still have the passion for it, and she just wants her kids to be successful.”


Even though Broussard has received two major achievements, she still continues to work towards being a better teacher for her students.


“I am an obsessive reader and studier and I’m always trying to learn more,” Broussard said. “And so I go [to] a lot of conferences and I read a lot and I study a lot. And I’m involved with a lot of professional groups and I’ve started some professional teacher groups online  to continue to challenge me to get better.”