Middle school vs. High school

Abby Richardson, staff

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Change can be difficult, especially for teenagers who are about to embark on a four year journey. Kids imagine high school to be fun and amusing because of what they’ve seen on the big screen.

“I imagined it to be like the movies, with a lot of drama and people hanging around in the hallways,” Sylvia Rivas (09) said.

There is a great deal of changes that happen during a freshman’s first couple of weeks in school, like the change in environment, new faces, and different friends. Once again, they are starting at the bottom of the food chain.

“It’s different than middle school cause it’s way bigger, and there are way more kids,” Perla Rosales (09) said. “We have so much more freedom. Also, I don’t see half the kids I saw in middle school, and I’m so much smaller than the upperclassmen.”

Starting off a new year can be scary, especially when everyone has different expectations. Some might think it’s difficult and stressful, while others are excited to just finally be a high schooler.

“I thought high school was going to be a big and scary school where I would always be lost,” Ana Juarez (10) said. “After getting through my freshman year, it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be because I got used to the school and my schedule after a week.”

The best part of starting school is usually getting to be around friends again, yet it can also be the worst part in certain instances. As people get older and grow up, grow apart, gain and change interest. They have 3,000 more faces than in middle school, so making new friends is expected.

“I want to make real friends that I’ll keep for the next four years, not people who you’ll forget about just because we don’t have any classes together,” Rivas (09) said.

Along with making new friends, and getting new classes, freshman are also trying to define who they are as individuals.

“Don’t worry, no one cares where you came from or knows your backstory, just be yourself and don’t change for anyone,” Rivas (09) said.
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